Consensus declared -- IETF IANAPLAN WG input to the ICG request for comments

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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 09:18:34 Leslie Daigle Co-Chair IETF/WG/IANAPLAN

Thanks, all, for the engaged discussion and suggestions to follow up the IANAPLAN virtual interim meeting and proposed response to the ICG request for comments on the combined IANA transition proposal. We are declaring consensus on the following text (same as I last shared, copied for ease of reference):

The IETF IANAPLAN WG has reviewed the draft ICG proposal within the context of the WG’s charter — specifically, “Should proposals made by other communities regarding the transition of other IANA functions affect the IETF protocol parameter registries or the IETF, the WG may also review and comment on them.” The IETF IANAPLAN working group continues to believe that a transition away from a US Government role in IANA management and oversight is appropriate and confirms consensus of its participants that the draft proposal is not perceived to pose problems for the Protocol Parameters function or to interfere with the development or safe use of IETF standards. The IETF raised two transition points that are mentioned in Paragraph 3062 of the proposal. We would ask that they be referenced in Part 0, Section V of the proposal as well.


Fri, 04 Sep 2015 12:34:16 JFC Morfin

Dear Leslie,

This position of yours seems reasonable within the new IETF framework. It definitely splits the world's catenet technical and political use between at least the ICANN and XLIBRE ( RFC 6852 Global Communities. Two very different sizes and spirits now. It is reasonable to also foresee further governance reorganizations involving Europe, BRICs, and GAFAM virtual global network communities. I, therefore, consider that my hope of seeing an organized/agreed sustainable cooperative settlement reached through the appeal process has come to its expectable conclusion, but I had to give it a try.

I will, therefore, not appeal the ISOC board of trustees.

The difficulty now is to keep the catenet use stable and coopetitive enough to avoid technical conflicts as well as to prevent the pollution of the digktynet (the digisphere global network system : that some of us identify as the general area of interest for the informed users and Libre researchers.

We certainly favor a permissionless "intertest" charter for all the Global Communities to jointly agree on live experimentation terms and mutual reporting. We consider that the Section 5 - Experimentation of the ICANN ICP-3 document as a good initial working basis. The work carried out by Brian Carpenter in a past I_D could also be used.

One of our focuses in the coming months might be R&D concerning DDDS in conjunction with the DNS protocols and how this could lead to an open repository system of reference for the different Global Communities and their network technology coopetition: the home-root and super-IANA “plug-in".

Best regards,