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Intellition is perception through intelligence.

Intellition is the most important source of knowledge that our brain uses: what makes sense from the discovered intelligence in between the information we obtain through communications.

We may have, therefore, to discriminate between:

  • the data that are communicated by the source.
  • the capta that is what the receiver actually receives in order to accrue their knowledge (cf. information theory).
  • the tracta that results from the natural/artificial intellition process.

The intellition (/intellitive) process is based upon the datamass consistency.

In the datamass (big data), we can identify three kinds of elements:

  • the data (/capta/tracta): they delimit the form, such as for 3D printing.
  • the metadata (metacapta/metatracta): the data on the data, they tell the color, material, etc.
  • the syllodata (syllocapta/syllotracta): the functors linking or networking the linked/networked data.

The elements that communication has not brought can be inferred/imagined/invented as intellition, i.e. computed in consistent sense with the information that communication and observation have delivered.

The intercognition process concerns:

  • information is what extends knowledge.
  • communication is the dissemination of knowledge.
  • knowledge in turn produces intellition by way of syllogisms.