Schéma de pensée de l'appel " 404"

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travail de mise en place en cours ...

Cette page est destinée à un debriefing commun des idées d'" 404" et de celles du débat qu'il a ouvert.

Son propos dans un premier temps est de reprendre les concepts du document. Ensuite il sera de les mettres à jour dans la perspective d'un appel probable à l'AIB et sans doute à l'ISOC et des leçons à en tirer.

" 404"

Preliminary notes

nature of the appeal

This appeal is precautionary (*) and, therefore, lengthy. This is because the appealed decision,

  • necessarily leads to a fork, or several forks of the internet technology,
  • but does not consider the conditions or the efforts that are needed to prepare for this to happen seamlessly,
  • while the common interest is to keep these forks totally compatible and their SDOs in good coopetitive relations.

It is hoped that the IESG, the IAB and ISOC will make sure that their responses may serve as a guidance for further cooperation in the normative area. Such a cooperation should be based upon the modern paradigm for standards, that every global communities should endorse, while hopefully adhering to an OpenStand Council where common technical issues of interest shall be jointly addressed.

(*) along the French constitutional duty of precaution for every citizen being aware of a scientific risk.

structure of the document

The appealed document is a structured document. This structure comes f rom the ICANN questionnaire that it responds to. For better readability, this document respects this structure and intersperses comments. They are labeled as "Appeal comment:" and usually followed by one or two questions. For easier consideration and response, a list of the resulting clarification questions is provided at the end of the document.

Appeal Introduction

This appeal results from the lack of clarity and transparency of the WG/IANAPLAN draft-ietf-ianaplan-icg- response-09 authorized for RFC publication by the IESG on January 7, 2015. Its purpose is:

  • to obtain an authoritative guidance over what it seems to imply; i.e. an internet normative fork between:
  • a single global authoritative documentation and its single authoritative IANA annex
  • and a multi-supported inter-technology permissionless innovation and open use,