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Free/Libre Catenet
Network Intelligent Use Working Group (IUWG)

Understanding our logo

Innovative Intelligent Internet Use

Our interest is a computer network facilitated mutual information, intellition, and comprehension:

  • throughout the whole digital ecosystem (WDE) aggregation of Virtual Glocal Networks (VGNs) in support of the near infinity of humans and digital agents relational spaces.
  • of which the smart upper layers and extended services are located as "Intelligent Use Interfaces" (IUIs) on the user's system network fringes
  • the dumb lower layers are provided by end to end protocols sets, such as the internet stack, meshed networks, named data networks, etc.
  • on top of the global plug to plug catenet of the physical local networks.

Our Charter is to document these IUI "plugged layers on the user side" (PLUS), extended services, and their "interplus" operations in order to allow for a better design, use, administration, and governance of these VGNs.

We support



The debate on the Catenet Transition is at the core of our concerns.
Two mailing lists are of interest:


The debate on the Human rights protocol considerations (HRPC) confront Rights (people) and protocols (machines).

Poles of research and documentation (PRDs)

At this stage the IUWG proceeds by thematic domains, aiing at gathering and extending a lead user documentation in specialized area of particular unnovative interest, until it may offer a comprehensive and maintained "catenet book" covering the entire catenet architectonics.



IUWG Drafts 
non-IUWG Drafts 


This part includes documents and links of interest to the IUWG work and digital/numeric context. In particular the IUWG international effort of clarification concerning the US industry take-over of the IETF and of the "internet" transition from an US protectorate to an US colony.

Contexts of reference

This section concerns the working documentation that is of use for the IUWG debates.

IAB/IETF Global Community References

The NTIA requested transition back of the ARPANET catenet (aka "the internet") under the control of the FCC via ICANN has revived the initial role of the IAB/IETF as a technical pole of competence for the US lead RFC 6852 Global Community. This has led the IUWG to become their equivalent for the XLIBRE RFC 6852 Global Community. This part insures that key IAB/IETF positions are well understood and commented in order to ensure that most efficient and the less technically conflictual permissionless innovation experimentation and testing.

Commented RFC

The IETF RFCs a now the technical contributions of the RFC 6852 ICANN Global Community. They no longer the unique source of reference for the internet layers, they are however an architectural spine for the world catenet intra and super structure many will want to be able to use as a source of inspiration and internal R&D comments. We sill strive to present them here in a wiki useful format to that purpose.


Le "blik" est notre blog wiki. Il permet de lister les contributions reçues par dates. Une équipe de développement semble vouloir faire un outil Relationnel Libre (protocole) à partir d'un prototype.

WG Organization

The WG was crash organized as a mailing list along with this wiki. Each Wiki page is introduced by an initiator, who can be replaced by successive successors (collectively referred to as "WPIS"). Only WPIS are authorized to modify a page. Everyone is allowed to contribute in the mailing list and Wiki Discussion pages. The Main Page’s WPIS is the IUWG Chair. Collective decisions are by rough consensus on the mailing list as appreciated by the Chair.-. The WhatWG example will probably be examined as a possible model in the coming months.