Acknowledgment of the IESG dilatory reponse

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On 02:50 18/04/2015, JFC Morfin said:

Dear Jari,

I thank you for the response of the IESG to my appeal that I have just seen now. I understand at this stage that the paragraphs of importance are the first and last one, which I perceive as incorrect. This, therefore, calls for an appeal to the IAB that I will forward before June 16, 2015.

I note that your response, its implications, and my subsequent appeal to the IAB will be of some influence on the French legal and constitutional debate on digital surveillance that is currently underway (as it is also engaged in several other countries). I, therefore, regret the lack of reference to the RFC 6852 related issues in your dilatory response. It will encourage those who perceive the IETF as the US/IETF that the IANAPLAN document has personally implied for you, and as a result plead for the global community's broader independence from political and commercial interests.